Old Town Orono Animal Orphanage Gears up for Christmas Sale 

It’s almost time for the Old Town-Orono Animal Orphanage Christmas Sale.And while they are already receiving donations, they still need more help.Meghan Hayward has the story.The Old Town Orono Animal Orphanage wants to help with your holiday shopping.They will be hosting a re-gifting sale.” And what we ask is for people to donate items to us that they’ve gotten as gifts or they have in the house and don’t want anymore but are in very good quality. We call them gently used or not used at all.”Some folks have already donated items, but they still need more.This particular fundraiser is the largest one for the orphanage.” The way that we do that is we do not have a set price on anything. What we ask is for people to make a fair offer because it’s for the animals.”The orphanage takes in stray animals in the Old Town-Orono area and they give them a safe place to live until they can find a home.And all the money from the Christmas sale will go toward the care of the animals.” It goes for food for them. To purchase all the supplies we need and to help pay for the workers.”Orphanage President Roberta Fowler says the fundraiser is incredibly beneficial for them.She says they don’t set a goal, but are appreciative of whatever money they can raise.” Feeds a lot of cats. It costs a dollar a day per animal to sustain them here and if you’re looking at paying just for the food alone that is up to 100 dollars a day so it’s pretty expensive.”She says there is something for everyone at the sale.And folks are sure to find some treasures.The christmas sale will be on Saturday December 12 at the Old Town YMCA.From 9 am to 2 pm.If you would like to donate items you can call the orphanage at 827-8777 and arrange a drop-off time or have someone pick the items up.