Dixmont Voters Approve Ordinance 

The company considering building a wind farm in Dixmont says a voter-approved ordinance will make it difficult – if not impossible – to move ahead with the project. Folks in town said yes to an ordinance that would regulate wind power development.The issue arose when the Mount Harris Wind company began looking into the prospect of placing ten wind turbines along Mount Harris in Dixmont.For the past nine months the local planning board has been researching the effects of such projects on residents living nearby.They’ve drafted an ordinance that includes restrictions on the sound and shadows produced by turbines, as well as their distance to other structures.Several folks spoke at Thursday night’s meeting, voicing their views on the issue.”It is going to change the way people see Dixmont. It’s not the rolling hills of Dixmont everybody loves. It’s like, ‘slap ‘ya in the face,'” Said one resident.”This ordinance represents we the people. They sent around that little card that said this is going to save you money on your electricity bill. And they might be right. They’re putting pennies in this pocket, while we been pulling dollar out of this pocket,” Voiced another.According to the Dixmont planning board director, the final vote was 229 Yes, and 78 No.Andrew Price, a partner with the wind company, says he believes the new ordinance is the most restrictive in the state and essentially bans any kind of wind project in Dixmont.