Bangor Humane Society Offers Pet I.D. Clinic 

The Bangor Humane Society is doing their part to help make sure your pets are easy to identify in the event they’re lost. They’re offering a pet I.D. clinic this Saturday from 10:00-4:00. You can have your pet microchipped for $20. It’s a nearly painless procedure that puts a microchip under the nape of your pets neck. Organizers say the procedure feels like a small pin-prick for your pet but makes it easy to alert you when your pet is found. “The owner goes online and registers and puts their contact information in, then if something happens to your pet, they’re scanned, when they come into most shelters, and most vets, we can scan it and say, Oh this is Bob Smith’s dog, he lives at this address, this is his phone number,” says Suzan Bell Executive Director at the Bangor Humane Society. The clinic is Saturday from 10:00-to-4:00 at the Bangor Humane Society. In addition the microchips the humane society is also offering engraved nametags for $6.00, or 2-for $20.