Restored Belvedere Back on Top of Liberty Hall in Machiasport 

Folks in Machiasport gathered this morning to watch a “flying object” soar to the top of a historic building.As Meghan Hayward tells us, community members have worked hard to see this day.As the sun came up, residents of Machiasport gathered to see something else rising in the sky.The ornately carved belvedere tower that once topped the town’s historic Liberty Hall is back where it belongs after being restored.”It’s wonderful because over the years people have worked so hard to bring this thing to a reality. And now here we are just about to join the new with the old.”The tower will be capped by it’s newly constructed cupola, which was rebuilt from the original 1873 design.”We collected historic images. Postcards and old photographs and we worked closely with Maine Historic Preservation Commission. We actually did a paint analysis and that’s where the brown color comes from.”Friends of Liberty Hall was the organization that worked with the town on the restoration project.They started the effort back in 2006.Warren Knowlton and his wife Judy contributed 150-thousand dollars to the project.”Well the historical importance of this building is paramount to us. When I was a kid I spent time here with my grandparents and we enjoyed it here tremendously. For that reason and also the town itself, we believe that this is the right thing to do for the town.”Until now, the french-inspired victorian cupola had only been seen in historic photographs of Liberty Hall taken around 1900.On-lookers couldn’t believe the resemblance to the photos.”That’s great. That’s great to hear because we sort of feel some of this is conjecture but we have a pretty good feeling that we’re close.”A 60 ton crane had to lift the belvedere, which weighs over 14-thousand pounds and is 25 feet tall.”Yesterday of course, they were were all day working on doing a test pick with the crane. So we didn’t just drive up here this morning and decide to fly a building.”The crowd watched and snapped photos as the belvedere was returned to it’s rightful place.”Tell everyone congratulations.”” Clapping.”