Old Town Couple Tweets From Delivery Room 

Chad and Jessica Lothian are pretty regular users of the social networking site Twitter. “I’m considered a chronic tweeter,” says Chad Lothian. But where does a chronic tweeter draw the line? “I guess it started as a joke with friends in the area,” says Chad, “they all asked, are you gonna tweet during labor? You guys are always tweeting, are you gonna Tweet during labor, and we kind of joked around, yeah of course we are.”Jessica went into labor Tuesday night, about three weeks early and the couple, true to their word, Tweeted while she was in labor. “It was something to kind of keep us occupied because we could have just been focusing on the pain,” says Jessica, “but if we’re going to tweet, we might as well keep doing it while we can and keep people updated while we can. We knew there would be a point where we would have to stop. We did for quite awhile.”The couple had a lot of folks glued to their screens. “I probably picked up 30 or 40 people that i don’t know over the course of last night,” says Chad. “Yeah we definitely had a really good cheering section online,” Jessica adds, “I got a lot of ones that said you rock I can’t believe your tweeting and in labor.”The couple welcomed Cullen James Lothian into the world weighing in at 6 pounds 11 ounces, and yes, Cullen has already started Tweeting. The lothians say they’d recommend tweeting to any couple heading into the delivery room. “I think so I mean if you’re capable of doing it it’s great. It was a lot of fun, it was something different to do. You can’t really do a whole lot while you’re in labor but you can type 140 characters or less and get it out there.”