Kids Create Abstract Art in Bangor 

Students at the Fairmount School in Bangor got to put their creativity to the test Tuesday.They got a visit from artist Blake Hendrickson, who has a unique way of creating wood sculptures.”So try to keep it low, keep working it around.”Hendrickson says he’s been creating artwork since he was in middle school, but just started showing his pieces to the public 5 years ago.He glues pieces of wood together to create amazing abstract art.Now he spends time, inspiring young artists,like those here at the Fairmount School in Bangor, challenging 4th and 5th grade students to create their own masterpieces.”I really like it, it’s really cool.”After all the kids can really exercise their creativity, they start out with…”well a whole bunch of random stuff”, and just see what they can come up with.”Sometimes when it’s in its final stage it starts to look a bit like something, like this may be a wilderness park or something.””It’s just really cool because you can think of it, so many different ways.””It doesn’t really matter what you do. There’s no real topic, you can just do anything you want.”Hendrickson says that’s the beauty of abstract art, it all starts in their imagination, and can end up helping the kids become critical thinkers.”It’s important for kids to exercise their imagination because in their lives they’re gonna need their imagination to to solve a lot of problems.”