Downtown Bangor Art Walk 

If you’re looking for something to do Friday night, how about an art walk?That’s what you’ll find in downtown Bangor.Meghan Hayward has the story.Downtown Bangor is bringing the arts alive with an artwalk. Featuring photographers, painters, potters, sculptors and much more.”To meet with the artists and connect with them on a local level. To increase interest in Downtown Bangor and also the artistic community of Downtown Bangor.”There will be more than fifteen locations to visit, featuring different artists.The event is free and open to the public.”I think it gives people a great opportunity to connect and see that stuff is happening in downtown. That downtown might be in a bit of a hiatus period right now, but it is growing. Any event that we can have is a great expansion. It shows that culture is happening here in Bangor, here in Maine.”One artist is hoping to bring new interest to the area.”Installation work tends to be three dimensional. So you get involved in the art and can touch some of the stuff. There’s performances in it, music and film.”Some local eateries have also joined the event.There will be an after party at The Fiddlehead Restaurant, where folks can mingle with the artistic community.”There are so many fabulously talented people all around us that we might as well take advantage of it.”And Giacomos will have a live band from midnight until 2 am.Owner Brett Settle is happy to take part in the artwalk.”I think it’s huge. It opens it up to people who might not come down on their own for any other reason. The time of year is perfect.”Organizers say they’ve had over 500 people attend previous events and they hope to top that this time around.”So it’s a big night for downtown Bangor or that’s our intention anyway.”Downloadable versions of the event map as well as more information can be found at