Turkey Toss 

It was a turkey collection with a twist: the 5th annual turkey toss. Participants donate a turkey and receive a rubber chicken, that they toss at a target. The hope is to win prizes, including CD’s, DVD’s and t-shirts. Everyone walks away a winner. Solution FM and their sister station are assisting Manna Ministries in the collection. The goal was to collect 5800 turkeys. In the first hour about 107 were collected and event organizers say the donations will be a big help.”I think it’s really important to help those in need, it’s been a really tough economic year. A lot of people are having trouble putting turkeys on the table at all let alone a big thanksgiving spread, and you don’t want anyone to try to figure out how you’re going to feed your family a thanksgiving dinner.”The turkeys collected will be distributed to families in need in the Bangor area.