Owls Visit Discovery Museum 

It wasn’t the best day to be in nature, so nature went indoors Sunday at the Maine Discovery Museum.Kids and their parents got to learn all about owls, thanks to a presentation from Doug Soholt, an environmental educator at the Chewonki Foundation in Wiscasset.He showed the crowd in Bangor a slide presentation, but the highlights were the owls themselves.He brought along with him the great horned, barred, and saw-whet owls, all native to Maine.Soholt knows a lot of the kids won’t remember many of the facts that he shared with them, he just hopes they take away a general appreciation for owls and a desire to learn more. “There’s just something really different about seeing an actual live owl, as opposed to reading about it in a book, and our goal at the Chewonki foundation is conservation. So, we feel that when people get that personal connection with an animal, they’re much more likely to understand and have a desire to conserve that or learn more about it.”The Chewonki Foundation was started back in 1918, and they offer camps at their campus. Now they’ve started outreach programs like the one they presented Sunday at the Discovery Museum.