Harness Racing Ends Season 

It’s been a good year at Bangor Raceway. That’s what Corey Smith, Director of Raceway Operations is saying.Sunday was the last day of racing at Bass Park. They were hoping to start the season in April, but mother nature didn’t cooperate. So they ended up starting to race in May.Despite a bad economy, attendance was about equal to past years early in the season, although it did go down a bit in the fall.Still Smith says, people realize they can get a good deal at the race track. “It’s an inexpensive night out on the town, so instead of spending 40-50 dollars they can come spend a couple of dollars on a race. 20 dollars they’ve had a night of entertainment. So it’s a value.”They plan to start racing next year on May 11th. This past year they had some weeks when they had four days of racing, but that didn’t work out too well. So next year they plan to cut down to three days a week.