Remembrance Ceremony for Lives Lost in War 

Folks gathered in Blue Hill Saturday, to remember the lives lost in war.As Meghan Hayward tells us, they have a special way to honor them.For the past five years members of the Peninsula Peace and Justice organization and others have placed a flag in a field in Blue Hill, for each life lost in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.And every November they hold a remembrance ceremony before they bring the flags in for the Winter.” Most important purpose of this field of flags we have is to illustrate the true cost, the human cost of war and also to remind people, everyone who sees the field that growing list of casualties both civilian and military.”Judy Robbins is a member of the organization.She says there are over 5,000 flags displayed throughout the field.Most of those flags are white, but some are blue.” Represent soldiers from Maine, those are the Dirigo flags. Maine soliders who have been killed. I believe the current number is 34 on the Maine Gold Star website.”Robbins says they’ve received great feedback over the years.Which has pushed them to continue doing it.” It gives people a sense that they’re actually able to do something about the war. Sometimes we can feel very powerless as individuals.”Dan Laurie wanted to take part in the ceremony.” We can honor the dead that have resulted from this war is to honor them in person. Read their names, put flags in the ground for people to see and keep track of the numbers.”Both Judy and Dan say they can’t wait for the Memorial Day to come when the war is over and they no longer have to put the flags back out in the field.