Maine’s Largest Turkey Farm Ready for Thanksgiving 

It’s simply called, “The Turkey Farm” in New Sharon, the place you’ll find the most turkeys being raised in Maine, and yes – most of them will be gone by thanksgiving day. There are no pardens on “The Turkey Farm”. In 1986 Bob Neal and his wife started out with 100 birds, now the flocks at nearly 2000.Bob Neal can’t compete with the price of a supermarket bird, but he says the quality he offers surpasses any frozen turkey. Neal says, “First we’re selling taste. Our customers and we all think our turkeys taste better and part of it is what you see over my shoulder. They grow outdoors. They come along a lot slower. These guys started in May, June or July depending on the flock. The birds that will be in supermarkets freezers in a couple weeks were probably started in July and killed in October.”For more information: The Turkey Farm