Healthcare Rally 

The Kennebec County Superior Courthouse had a large group of visitors Thursday, with a message on healthcare.Lawmakers, healthcare activists, and others protested against Anthem filing suit against the state of Maine.Earlier this year, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield officials proposed a rate increase for its individual policy holders of 18.5%.The state said “no,” and instead, lowered the increase to 11%.Now, the case is in court. “Today the message you and I will send is that it’s time to get the fox out of the henhouse,” Said State Rep. Bob Eaton. “Ladies and gentlemen, our opponents will fight tooth and nail to keeping just as they are so that while they profit more and more citizens of this great state and country will have access to healthcare less and less. Are you ready to stand up for affordable healthcare?”A judge has yet to set a date to hear the case. TV5 attempted to contact Anthem officials for comment. However, the message we left was not returned.