Team Effort Helps Lincoln Newspaper 

Folks in Lincoln can usually expect their weekly newspaper every thursday morning like clock work. This week, it took some help from another paper to make that happen, because last week, fire gutted the building that houses the Lincoln News, the weekly newspaper in Lincoln. Reginald Hustus is the Print Manager there and he says the fire was devastating. “From the time that I heard there was a fire and the time I got there, there was just humongous flames coming out of the whole building,” says Hustus, “so any hope of salvaging anything was just lost.”The biggest thing lost in the blaze was the printing press. Terry Carlisle, the Genral Manager at The Ellsworth American newspaper knows that printing presses are invaluable. “Not too many newspapers own their own press,” she says,” “the press is an extraordinarily complicated and expensive piece of machinery and the thought of losing your press, that’s just heartbreaking.”The folks at the Ellsworth American wasted little time. They held a meeting and decided to offer the Lincoln News two weeks of free printing to help get them back on their feet. “It was a tragedy that all of us felt acutely,” says Carlisle, “and we all stayed in contact with one another to see what we could do to help and we we’re all happy to help.”The hard worling people at the Lincoln News are certainly appreciative. Kevin Tenggren is the Editor and Publisher of the Lincoln News and he says he’s extremely grateful for the generosity. “It means a lot to us,” he says, “We’ve put a lot of work into it. Non-stop working from last Thursday to this Thursday. we worked all weekend, we worked countless hours, a lot of thanks to my staff, they’ve done a great job.”Reggie Hustus says they haven’t missed a printing in the fifteen years he’s been with the paper and it took a team effort to keep that streak alive. “Just thank everyone who was involved in making this happen and now I have a truck full of papers and now we’re gonna go give them to the folks of Lincoln.”