Despite Fire, Lincoln News Delivers Paper 

On Wednesdays, the Lincoln News is usually humming with the sound of its printing press. Today, it’s silent.But the publisher says, even though fire destroyed their building last week, there was never any question the paper would keep going. They will even put out an issue this week.”A lot of people have said to me they weren’t expecting it, but we’ve been working very hard. Yesterday was a 16-hour day, so it’s been a long week. I’m very tired,” says Kevin Tenggren, Lincoln News editor and publisher.The only thing they’ve been able to salvage so far– a couple of hard drives. Everything else, they’ll have to buy new.”Office supplies, desks, chairs, computers, I mean, we lost everything,” Tenggren says.Employees have been putting the paper together in space next door, with loaned computers. A picture of the blaze is on the front page.”It hurts to see it, but at the same time, to see the Lincoln News front page makes me really feel good, because we have a paper out this week,” says Nancy Hustus, Lincoln News production assistant.She says what’s helped them along are the calls and letters of encouragement from people in town.”It’s a great tradition,” says local shop owner Rob Newcomb. “I’m glad and amazed that they’re going to be able to carry on. It’s a quick turnaround.””The support has been fantastic. Not just from the community, but fellow publishers. I’ve got calls from all over the state,” Tenggren says.The Ellsworth American is printing the Lincoln News this week.Tenggren says as soon as the insurance is settled, this building will be demolished and they’ll rebuild.”It’s a family business and we all feel like family, the people that work here,” Hustus says. “And a lot of people would be without jobs if he didn’t rebuild. And Lincoln, the whole area would be devastated without a paper.””They just said keep going,” Tenggren says. “That’s what we’re doing.”Folks at the Lincoln News say thanks to the help of many people who have pitched in, the weekly paper should be available to folks by Thursday.