21-Mile Salute Honors Veterans 

Veterans, Active Soldiers from the Army, the Maine Army National Guard, the United States Army Reserve, other Military branches and their supporters, will be conducting a Veterans Day 21-mile Memorial Road March from Augusta to Winslow.Each mile will be marked with a photograph and citation of one of many honorable Veterans and historic American Battles. Following the march, a Barbeque and Memorial service were held. American Soldiers and Marines have been conducting road marches for more than 230 years to reach the battlefield. Road marches have brought American Soldiers to Lexington, Gettysburg and Bastogne. Today our Soldiers and Marines continue to patrol on foot, through the streets of Tal Afar, Baghdad and Kandahar. This Veterans Day Road March is being conducted to honor United States Military Veterans of the past and those who are currently serving in the war against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan.