Phony $20 Bills Turn Up in Midcoast Area 

There’s counterfeit money floating around the Midcoast.Over the weekend, cashiers in several towns called police after people passed them phony twenty dollar bills. Police say they have suspects, but the investigation is not over.Officials say so far, people in Union, Rockport and Rockland have reported these counterfeit twenties to police. At first glance, they look a lot like the real thing.The easy way to tell they they’re not real– the wording. On the front, instead of “Federal Reserve Note,” these bills say “Theatrical Use Only”.And on the back, instead of “In God We Trust,” these read, “In Props We Trust.” The paper is also slightly thicker, and has a different texture.But, Knox County Sheriff Donna Dennison says if you weren’t looking for those differences, it would be easy to miss them.”They look pretty close, so anybody who didn’t know or take notice if they were in a hurry, they’d probably take these bills at face value, cash,” Dennison says.In small letters, the bills even say they’re phony.Officials have recovered about 25 of them so far, but think there are more out there. Several law enforcement agencies are involved as well as the Secret Service.They do have suspects, but of course, they are asking everyone to be on the lookout for the bad bills. If you spot any, they say to call your local law enforcement agency.