Major Eva M. Price is Honored 

A ceremony was held today to honor Major Eva M. Price. At 100 years old, she is believed to be the eldest living US Army nurse of World War II.Major Price was born in South Brewer in 1909. She attended Brewer High School and then went on to Nursing school in Massachusetts.She entered the Nurses Army Corps in 1945. During her tenure she served in several different places, including Japan, Germany, and Korea.There were many prominent speakers at today’s event, they all thanked her for her service.”You have represented the leadership and skill that has made a difference in countless lives and have supported this great nation.” says Governor Baldacci. General John Libby added, “We’re proud of you, and than you for your contribution to the defense and freedom.”Many woman who now serve in the military look at Major Price and others from her generation as role models — saying Major Price helped to pave the way for those who serve today.