Is Wind Developing Too Fast? 

Maine is moving too fast developing wind power…at least, that’s what some Mainers say.The newly formed citizens’ task force on wind power held a news conference in Augusta Monday.Members say they want to work with state officials to reconsider statewide goals involving wind energy.The task force drew the support of the Forest Ecology Network, led by Jonathan Carter. “Now, many environmentalist have been sucked into believing that if you’re not for covering the mountains of Maine with turbines than you’re acting against the unfolding disaster of global change. This is an absolute false dichotomy,” Carter told TV5 on Monday. “Global warming is catastrophic but the solution is not to destroy the pristine character of the Maine mountains you don’t destroy something ecologically in the name of some other ecological improvement.”Spokesperson for the Governor David Farmer says there is no plan for Governor Baldacci to meet with the group.Farmer says the issues that are being brought up have already been addressed.