“American Logger” Talks with Bangor Rotary 

A local logger who’s getting a lot of national attention shared his story with business and community leaders in Bangor today. Rudy Pelletier of Millinocket is now better known as one of the stars of the Discovery Channel show, American Loggers. He and his six brothers run Gerald Pelletier Logging – a business started by their father more than fifty years ago.Pelletier spoke before the Bangor Rotary, along with Greg Smith, one of the show’s producers.They say the success of the show is drawing more tourists to the Millinocket area. Pelletier says it’s also helping people appreciate what it takes to work the Maine woods.”I think people realize when they got to a Home Depot or a Lowe’s hardware store and buy a 2×4, they know exactly where it comes from now. So I think before the show happened, a lot of people just buy lumber and say, you know, this is it. But now they realize what we have to got through to get that product to the mill.”The Pelletier family is also opening a restaurant soon, which they hope will become an attraction for American Logger fans.Right now, the show is in it’s second season of production. Ten new episodes will air on the Discovery Channel, starting in mid-January.