Students At Lewis Libby Celebrate Veterans Day Early 

Students at the Lewis Libby School in Milford celebrated Veterans Day a few days early. After two weeks of planning, they held their 2nd annual Veterans Day celebration. Warren Kidder teaches 8th grade and he says the students have worked hard over the past two weeks to put this event on. “I think it’s really important that they understand the sacrifices that our men and women went through to make this the country we have today so we can live in freedom,” says Kidder.A group of veterans was on hand to talk to the children about what life is like in the military. “I think the young children today have to understand that the military has changed from back in the 60’s and 70’s,” says Major Sergeant Randal Bickford of the Maine Air National guard, “and that it’s open to any male and female who wants to come serve their country.”Some of the veterans want to make sure the younger generation carries on the tradition of Veterans Day. Sharon Tothill was an Army Nurse during the Vietnam War and says she’s proud to be here to help these kids understand the importance of Veterans Day. “I think that it’s just the most important thing,” says Tothill, “even the children, the people in the public, you know everyone has some kind of veteran in their family and hopefully people understand that we’re still here, we still want the recognition, we still want to be proud.””I guess the biggest message they need to understand is that thousands and thousands of people have died for their right to be here,” says Major Sergeant Bickford, “and to to say what they want to say and to do whatever they want from now until they’re an adult and beyond.”The kids got the message loud and clear. “Thank you for protecting us and giving us our rights,” says Colby Michaud and 8th grader here. Maddie Mahan is also in 8th grade here and she agrees. “They risk their lives every day to save ours. we should be proud of them.”