Silver Star Awarded to Korea Vet 

Veterans Day is this Wednesday, and many towns and cities will have celebrations.On Sunday, the town of Sherman honored one of their own, but they had to do so by surprise.”Sunday’s veterans ceremony is the beginning of Veterans Day week. Sherman had their Veterans Day Ceremony and they had special recognition for an individual.””I want to tell you about one young soldier, as a young man he showed great courage and in doing so embodied the Spirit of the American Veteran.””In North Korea in 1952, this young Private First Class was awarded the purple heart and the bronze star, today after all these years we are happy to presented the Maine Silver Star honorable service medal that he so rightfully deserves.””At this time I’d like to turn the platform over to Brig. Gen. Brandy Boyle and Cmmdr Sgt Master Steve Curtis.””The Silver Star Honorable Service Medal is presented to Cpl Alberto F Libby in recognition of his honorable service in the armed forces of our country and his award of the purple heart for wounds received in the Korean War we the citizens of the State of Maine express our sincere appreciation for his courage and his willingness to serve our state and nation, we are proud of him and grateful to him for his commitment to the defense of freedom.””You see we just wanted it to be a surprise to him not only that but he probably is, as humble as a guy as he is, he’s probably would not agree to come if he knew they was honoring him.””I was surprised I didn’t know anything about it, I wouldn’t of come probably if I had of, I mean that’s my way.””Freddy’s kind of an example of how other veterans out there that have done a lot and sometimes we never knew how much until we look into their records so I’m humbled today to realize some of the tremendous sacrifices that a lot of veterans have so that we can live in a land which we do.”Sherman Area Memorial VFW #2299, Ladies Auxiliary and Jr. Girls Unit sponsored the program which was held at the Sherman Rec. Dept.