Homeless Veterans 

Wednesday is Veteran’s day – a day to celebrate and honor those who have served. However, thousands of veterans are homeless in our country. It’s a problem that some have set their sights on ending.In five years, state representative Alexander Cornell du Houx would like to see the issue of homelessness among veterans a thing of the past.Rep. Alexander Cornell du Houx: “Veteran homelessness is a very serious issue in Maine. About 11-percent of our homeless population are veterans.Recently, the Obama Administration vowed to end the problem in every state by 2014. Adrienne Bennett: “Do you think that’s an attainable goal?” Rep. Alexander Cornell du Houx: “It is an attainable goal.”du Houx, a marine corps veteran and house democrat, heads up a state committee aimed at helping veterans get back on their feet.Rep. Cornell du Houx: “One of the aspects our task force is looking at is Maine does not have a solid program to deal with substance abuse and mental health issues among veterans. That’s something we need to be investing our resources into.”Steve Berg is with the National Alliance to End Homelessness.Steve Berg: “The problems we’ve had for 20 years have not been solved.” Berg says the data doesn’t show a huge number of younger veterans being homeless, but…Steve Berg: “What we learned with Vietnam era veterans was that the effects of things like PTSD would show up years later – people would be out of service for a long time and all of a sudden wouldn’t be able to cope effectively and end up homeless. I think we have a lot of work to do if we’re not going to repeat the same problems we had with that generation of veterans.” Rep. du Houx: “If we don’t act now to implement a solid plan to deal with it – it will become a bigger issue as we have more veterans coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan.” Adrienne Bennett, WABI TV5 News.