Bangor Kindergartener Gets Quite the Ride to School 

It was a big morning for a kindergarten student at the Fruit Street School. “Congratulations Faith, you’re Lieutenant for the day!” says Jason Johnson, with the Bangor Fire Department.Faith Ashton’s first order of duty…”I rode on a fire truck,” she says.The fire fighters from Station Five say, at first, Faith seemed like the quiet type.”We picked her up at her house and put her in the front seat, so she was in charge. And we took the long way to school,” says Lt. Fournier.It wasn’t long before they say she took right to it.”I honked the horn.””You honked the horn?””Once they got rolling down the road, she was just jabbering a mile a minute. They said it was great,” Johnson says.”She talked the whole time. We know she has a loose tooth, which we hope she doesn’t lose,” Fournier says.Faith won this ride after entering a contest at the Bangor Fire Department’s open house last week.”We were also giving away a couple bikes, and a Nintendo Wii, but this was the prize that student after student would line up and really wanted to win,” Johnson says.These firefighters say it’s fun to see their job through a kindergartener’s eyes.”Just to see the look in their eyes when the truck rolls in and to see them get in. It’s a big prize for them.””Because I like to honk the horn,” Faith says.And if Faith’s ride inspires a future in the field, all the better.”It’s a great career to get into,” says Bangor firefighter Tim Witham, “So maybe in a few years, she’ll be inspired to be a fireman.”