Fundraising Concert 

Folks in Winterport are working hard to raise money so a Hampden Academy graduate who was seriously injured in a bike accident in California can come back home to finish his recovery.Sunday afternoon a benefit concert was held at the My Fork Bar and Grill in Winterport to raise money for Gabe Allen.Some local bands donated their time to the cause.The price was five dollars per person.Allen was vacationing in California in August when his bike collided with a car.He suffered a severe brain injury and is currently in a hospital in San Francisco.His family would like to bring him back to the east coast for his rehab but that would mean chartering an air ambulance.The cost is around thirty-thousand-dollars.People are optimistic that they can help raise enough money to bring him back east says Winterport Town Manager Phil Pitula.”We had a dinner the other night to help raise funds then we’re doing this today, the groups that are playing are all donating their time and all the money that’s raised at the door is going towards it, and My Fork Bar and Grill owners are going to give a percentage of what they make today.”If you would like to make a donation to help bring Gabe Allen home, or you would like to keep track of his progress you can visit the website.Get Better Gabe dot com.