Friends and Family Remember Pearley Goodrich At Newport Vigil 

Nearly two weeks ago Pearley Goodrich Sr. of Newport was shot to death allegedly by his son triggering a manhunt that lasted nearly a week. Sunday his friends and family gathered to remember him.At a candlelight vigil in Newport family and friends gathered to remember Pearley Goodrich Sr. Margaret Kennedy is a close friend of the family and she remembers Mr. Good rich fondly. “His laughter, he’s always joking, right now he would be up there taunting somebody, just a fun, fun person, and a wonderful christian.”That’s what many of his friends remember most about Goodrich, his service to his church where they say he will be sorely missed. “When he was in the church building with us, with that songbook, and he would sing,” remembers Kennedy, “he was our treasurer and he took part in everything, counting the money and doing all the checks, just a wonderful person and this morning at church we had a business meeting and we had to elect another person in his place and it was great sadness.”Goodrich’s widow, Sandra, was severely beaten in the attack that killed her husband and friends say she’s taking things one day at a time. “At times she’s great and at other times she is just plain devastated,” says Kennedy, “and over a period of time hopefully she gets stronger.”Mrs. Goodrich says the entire community has rallied behind her to help her get through this. “She keeps saying, if it wasn’t for my friends I’d never be able to get through this,” says Kennedy, “we walked into Walmart a few minutes ago to get some cups for this and people everywhere came up to her and told her to be strong. I took her to Irving where her son got picked up and we went in and sat down and started eating and the witnesses and people we didn’t know came up and hugged her she said what a good feeling to know people care.”As Mrs. Goodrich heals physically, financially things are getting rough for her. “She had her husbands Social Security, and she’s lost everything, all she’s got is just a few hours that she’s getting at Walmart part time and they’re going to repossess her van so if anybody can help it would be wonderful.”Mrs. Goodrich says she’s anxious to return to her part time job at Walmart. “She just needs to wait and heal and when she does get strong, she had her staples and stitches out yesterday too. when she does get better she wants to go back to Walmart with her friends, she loves working there and they’ve been so supportive of her.”