Winterport’s Tax Free Addition 

In this tough ecomony many towns are making do with what they have already.Services and programs are being cut to make the ends meet in the budget.But Saturday morning the town of Winterport showed off their new ambulance.And the beauty of it was not how new it is, but the fact that it didn’t cost a cent to the taxpayers to purchase.The Ambulance service in Winterport is volunteer and they raised all of the funds.Last spring they started talking with other Ambulance services to get an idea of what they wanted and what was out there.Then they decided to go with Sugarloaf Ambulance and Rescue for the new rig.Six months after they put in the request the new Ambulance arrived, which should benefit the service and those towns that it covers, according to Tom Skratt who is a member of the Winterport Volunteer Ambulance Service. “Any time you have an ambulance that runs like that, sits for a while and then runs back and forth, things start to go on it things start to wear out on it, this is a more improved model, it’s better sound proofed, it rides a bit better than the old one did and it and you just need to upgrade these types of vehicles every six or seven years and that’s how old the one we have now is I believe.”The Ambulance service did turn over ownership of the new Ambulance to the town this morning and the town will pay the insurance on it, but all of the upkeep of it and the equipment is paid for by the service.