Old Fashioned Fair 

It made about one hundred people line up before the doors opened Saturday morning, all waiting to see what was there on the other side.It was the annual Fall Fair at the Phillips Strickland House in Bangor.The average age of the residents is 89, and they make items all year to go up for sale.Everything from Jams, and Jellys to craft projects.The doors opened at ten o’clock, but the residents got a chance to shop in the hour leading up to the opening.Nelson Durgin is the Executive Director of the Phillips Strickland House and he says the fall fair is important for a couple of different reasons for those at the Phillips Strickland House.”Obviously the funds that we raise go directly back to taking care of the people that we have here as residents but the other thing is giving our residents a chance to participate. The crafts that they make for example, they do knit work, they do arts and crafts with our crafts program and they get a chance to see that they can make something that ca be sold at a craft fair, that’s a very uplifting experience for them.”Durgin also said it’s a way for the Phillips Strickland House and the residents there to stay connected to the community.