Health Care Protest 

As Congress debated on the current health care bill in Washington DC,Saturday Mainers gathered outside of the offices of Representative Mike Michaud.In Bangor members of the group Maine Healthcare Reform were on hand.They would like an extension of medicare to everyone in the country, which would give coverage to everyone from birth until death.They had wanted Representative Michaud to consider three options which would make it acceptable to the group.But they heard from Representative Michaud earlier in the day and his assistant said he is opposed to those them.So that made the group decide where they should stand on the bill as it is currently written, even though they know if it’s passed it likely won’t go into effect for another four years. ” Do we support it and say well ok, we’ll just go ahead and allow it to go through and still hope we can get a better bill between now and 2013″ said Jerry Call the co-founder of Maine Healthcare Reform. ” And our conclusion is that we’re really better off to oppose it because it really sets the stage for getting something else.”Maine Healthcare Reform was founded two years ago to promote the national Single Payer Healthcare system.