Augusta Tea Party 

A “Tea Party” in Augusta this Saturday. Protestors from a group that calls itself: “Maine Re-founders” giving state and federal lawmakers a one-year notice.Change their tax and spend ways, or be voted out.About a hundred people gathered in a parking lot at the statehouse, many carried signs, some brought shovels, that called for the removal of Snowe – Senator Olympia Snowe. They also promise there’s going to be some “House cleaning” in 2010.The group’s leader, Peter Harring said he hopes to bring Maine and the nation back to a more conservative value system.”This is a one-year notice rally to inform them officials here in augusta that we mainers are tired of wasteful spending and it seems like they don’t want to listen to what we have to say, they just do whatever they feel like doing.”Arden Manning of the Maine Democratic Party issued this statement in response to the tea party event.Manning said, “Maybe instead of sitting back and sipping their tea, they should do as the President suggested, grab a mop and get to work to help move this country forward.”State legislators have also come forward saying there have been tax cuts – in the way of the income taxes.And for the first time in years, the state budget is smaller that it has been.