Local Mom of Fort Hood Soldier Reacts to Shootings 

Shootings at the Army base in Fort Hood, Texas Thursday left 13 people dead and dozens wounded.As the news was broadcast, many family members of soldiers on the base watched, and worried.That includes a Hampden woman, whose son was a few buildings away from where the shootings took place.”I just can’t fathom the idea of something like this happening in the United States,” says Cindy Boudreau.The Hampden mom had been out hunting Thursday when she got a text message from her son. Army Specialist Travis Boudreau is a mechanic, 63 Bravo, based in Fort Hood, Texas.”And he said in the text message, ‘Killer on the loose at Ft. Hood. 7 killed, 12 wounded,'” Cindy says,Travis was close to the shootings, but told his mom he was O.K. She raced home to turn on the TV, and watched as the numbers of people killed and wounded grew. While the base was on lockdown, Cindy paced the floor. “In his own words, ‘Mom, I’m ok, he says…the rest is just waiting,’ and so, that’s what we did.”She says she couldn’t believe what she saw on TV until Travis sent a text message about his next assignment.”Then reality set in, that he is on funeral detail and it’s a sad situation. As he explained, now it’s one of our own.”Cindy says it’s a different kind of worry than when her son was in Afghanistan.”When he was in Afghanistan, I understood we were at war and the chances of him being killed at war were real. But to have this happen, and to lose a soldier, or my son, because of a personal conflict, it’s just unfathomable. It’s not real.”Cindy later got a text from her son with just one word. “Love,” from Travis. She says her heart goes out to the other families. “With my son being there, it made reality set in. Now it can happen anywhere. And it’s not to say it would never happen again. So yeah, it’s scary.”