Lincoln News Fire Reactions 

Flames ripped through a business in Lincoln Thursday night. TV5 photojournalist Suzanne Laidman was there, and brings us reactions to the burning of the Lincoln News building. “Well I pulled up about 7 o’clock and I saw flames coming out of the side of the roof,” Said Lincoln Resident Clinton McGraw. “I was pretty shocked. I was standing at Family Dollar’s parking lot and could feel the heat. It was pretty bad: pretty big. I get my papers every Wednesday.” “We had initial reports of the back of the building being involved with heavy fire,” Said Lincoln Fire Chief Philip Dawson. “Several reports came in rapid succession to the Penobscot Dispatch Center. They paged us out. Upon arrival there was heavy fire throughout the building, and rolling around the interior of the building. I came up after the initial trucks were here, but there was heavy fire bursting through the roof. Nobody was home at the time.” “I’m the print shop manager, and I only live about 4 miles away, so…hurried up and..when you got here, you knew..heart went to your feet, you didn’t know what was gonna happen next,” Said Reginald Hustis, standing in the street next to the burned building. Chief Dawson: “We gained control of it within about half hour to 45 minutes, I lost track of time. We had a lot of fire here.” Hustis: “I just knew at a glance it’s just…it’s totally gone.” Chief Dawson: “Kevin Tenggren is the owner of the building, he’s here somewhere right now, with his wife. It’s a local news column.” Hustis: “Regular newspaper, but also commercial printing. Just a family…family business. You looked forward to getting up in the morning, going to work.” Chief Dawson: “We’re just chasing hot spots around. Right now we’re trying to help the owners by salvaging as many computers as possible.” Hustis: “They’re just in awe of what’s happening and now what’s next.” McGraw: “I drive by all the time, and it’s gonna be pretty shocking to drive by and see that it’s burned down.” Chief Dawson: “The Fire Marshals will be arriving in the morning to investigate it. See if they can determine a causation factor.” WHAT ARE YOU KIND OF HOPING MIGHT HAPPEN? Hustis: “Rebuild, let’s hope.”