Follow-Up on Lincoln News Fire 

Lincoln News, a weekly newspaper and also a news print service, just recently celebrated it’s fiftieth anniversary.Print Shop Manager Reginald Hustus has been with the company for fifteen years.”Couldn’t be any better. You couldn’t ask for anything better. I’ve worked at many large companies and this one was a home company, a family.”Now, they’re trying to figure out how they’ll stay in business.”I just heard Kevin saying he’s going to rebuild. I feel a lot better now.”Kevin Tenggren has owned the business since 2005. It’s been in his family since 1981.They’ve temporarily taken up shop at the former historical society building, which is right next door to Lincoln News.”I think we’re shooting, still trying to do a newspaper for next Thursday. Even though it may be printed somewhere else, we’re still going to try and get one out.”Hustus says the Lincoln paper means a lot to the community and they’re determined to not let their readers down.”Very, very important I do believe. And on a Wednesday afternoon you see it’s important when you stop and see all the cars parked out here waiting for that first issue to come off the press.”Investigators from the fire marshal’s office are in the beginning stages of the investigation.”The extent of the damage is making it difficult. We have heavy equipment coming in this afternoon to try and get the metal roofing off to try and help us out.”