Sentencing Delayed in Manslaughter Case 

The sentencing of a homeless man charged with beating another man to death in Bangor, has been rescheduled after the judge rejects the plea agreement. Now 58 year old Stephen James will have to decide whether or not to accept a new plea deal.James admitted to police that he killed 63 year old Clyde Worcester in April of last year.Prosecutors say James beat the man to death at a makeshift camp in the woods along I-95.As part of the deal between the prosecution and the defense, James pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter. The sentence would have been 14 years in prison followed by probation.But the judge Thursday, said that considering his past convictions on violent crimes, and his lack of family ties to the area, she couldn’t accept the probation.The new offer is for 20 years in prison. If he doesn’t accept that, the case goes to trial.Defense attorney, David Walker says, “We advise him as to what we believe the evidence is and the strength of the state’s case. This is a case where there are a lot of unanswered questions but ultimately he’ll have to decide whether he wants to take this matter to trial.”Prosecutor, Andrew Benson, adds, “We’ve never dismissed the charge of murder and if he does choose to withdraw his plea with respect to manslaughter the murder charge is still pending.”James has until next Friday to decide whether he wants to accept the new deal, or go to trial, possibly on charges of murder.The victims family was in court Thursday. They want to have their say before James is formally sentenced.