Harrington Teen Returns Home after Lung Transplant 

When we first introduced you to Brandon Beal of Harrington, the teenager had just learned he needed a lung transplant.Two months later, he’s had the procedure and today, he got a surprise welcome home reception.Meghan Hayward has the story. “Just watch for the white car, should be here any second.”Eighteen year old Brandon Beal of Harrington received quite the homecoming. He was escorted home by a motorcade. “I’m surprised, actually I was sleeping, and mum said you better wake up”When Brandon was 2 1/2 months old, he was diagnosed with primary pulmonary hypertension and was only given a short amount of time to live.But Brandon proved them all wrong. This summer his health started declining, and after meeting with doctors in Boston, discovered he needed a lung transplant.That happened in September.”It’s been a pretty long haul, but he’s recovering very nicely.”Brandon was told he wouldn’t be able to leave the hospital for three months after the surgery. But, only five weeks later, he’s home.”I’m glad to be home.””I hope he understands that even though he’s been gone, everyone has been thinking about him”Rice McKenney, Brandon’s aunt, says they’ve spent the last couple of months with sad and happy tears. They’re just glad to have him home.”Brandon has a new beginning, a new life”His parents are optimistic about the future.”I hope he continues to do well, and at some point does everything he wants to do, and ever wanted to do, that he thought he couldn’t””It’s all a go, it’s a step forward, a good feeling”So what’s Brandon planning on doing now that he’s home?”Just hang out with my friends”And his family and friends couldn’t be happier”We all got to see this miracle that happened, but he’s the one that gets to live it.”