Flag Raising at Enfield Station School 

With Veterans Day coming up, Enfield Station School had a special flag raising ceremony. Members of the military were there, and for some, that also means members of their families. “On Veterans Day, we honor soldiers who protect our nation. For their service as our warriors, they deserve our admiration,” says one student, reciting a poem.At Enfield Station School Thursday, everyone got involved honoring veterans.”I’m proud to be an American,” says first grader April Goodwin.They raised flags that once flew in Iraq and Afghanistan, which will stay at the school.”I was just happy to be here to see the soldiers and see the veterans come to our school. So we could honor them, and what they’ve done for all of us,” says fourth grader Nick Farley. His father is Staff Sergeant Jodi Farley.”I have my own soldier at home and he’s going to Afghanistan, I think in March. And he came here and it meant a lot to me, to see him here,” the younger Farley says.For these kids, honoring members of the military doesn’t happen just once a year.”All the kids wrote me letters, all kinds of things like that. It was the same when I went to Iraq in 2003,” says Staff Sergeant Harold Whitten. His daughter sang the National Anthem at the flag raising. “It’s always, always a tearjerker to hear her sing,” Whitten says.He says the lessons of patriotism aren’t lost on these kids.”We’ve gone over that with the kids, to teach them,” says Glenda Crosby, an education tech with the school. “That when they stand at attention, to salute and give pledge to the flag. It’s an honor to be able to do that. That was really the driving force behind today. And I think we accomplished that.””One nation, under god, indivisible,” the students pledge.They also sang songs for each branch of the military.”They fought for our country, so you should be thankful to them, that they sacrificed normal lives for that.”