Bangor and Brewer Joint Committee 

The city of Brewer can move forward with plans to form an exploratory committee with the city of Bangor.On Tuesday voters approved the idea to look at ways the two cities could work together to save money.The idea for the committee was proposed to Brewer city councilors last spring, but not all of them approved it, so the measure went to voters.City councilor Joe Ferris says judging by the more than two-to-one vote, it’s clear residents support the idea. “They found very little wrong with exploring– and this is only an exploratory way of looking at how our two cities can work together. It almost, to me, seemed like a slap in the face that our council wouldn’t look at ways we could work together to save money.”Ferris says the next step is to put together the joint committee with Bangor to start the research process.