Lipizzaner Stallions 

Lipizzaner Stallions are a breed of white horses. They are originally from Europe and are traditionally a symbol of grace and majesty.The 40th anniversary tour of the world famous performing Lipizzaner Stallions has taken them to Bangor.Twelve horses and their riders perform what some call an equine ballet. It was originally inspired by a traditional Spanish riding school. Troy Tinker, the Master of Ceremonies, says there’s something for everyone at this show, “The steps and movements from the art of dressage, the classical riding style set to music in an equine ballet. We’ll also show you the big leaps and jumps, the big war maneuvers they’re famous for, the airs above the ground. The focus really is the partnership between the horse and rider.”The group’s first show was Wednesday evening. There is also one Thursday night at the Bangor Auditorium, it starts at 7:30. Regular admission is between 20 and 25 dollars.The group’s next stop is Portland.