For The Third Time Mainer’s Say No To Tabor 

After Tuesday’s results were tallied Maine voters have now rejected Tabor for the 3rd time. The day after election day supporters of Tabor said, in the end it was money that did them in. Martin Sheehan is the Communications Director for The Maine Heritage Policy Center and he says it’s hard to win an election when your opponent has deeper pockets. “The problem was, truly if you want to do a day after look back it was money. We were probably outspent 20-1 would be my guess, out of state money, union dues, even the MMA (Maine Municipal Association) which is tax payer money.”Meanwhile the folks who opposed Tabor, like field organizer Tom Battin, said the folks they talk to couldn’t understand why it was on the ballot for a 3rd time. “A lot of people didn’t understand that Question 4 was Tabor. When we explained what it was they said ‘didn’t we vote on that in 2006?’ Why is this on the ballot again, I don’t understand and we didn’t either.” Tabor supporters say that, even in defeat, they’re hopeful their message got through to Mainer’s. “There’s always something that can be cut, whether it’s bottled water, entertainment and catering was $700,000 last year, it’s crazy the amounts of money. People who tell you they can’t afford to give back any tax money and they’re spending your tax money you got to question that and I think that message got through.”Battin and his supporters are hoping we’ve seen the last of Tabor. “I would just sort of paraphrase Rick Santelli, the Wall Street trader just to say are you listening? the people of Maine have said to you very clearly 3 times, No! If you put it on the ballot again I don’t know what to say for you frankly.”However the opposition seems undeterred. “Keep up the fight, it’s a multi faceted approach and Tabor is one way to fight spending and control spending at the state level and another one is being in touch with your legislature.”