Central Maine Turns out to Vote 

Town officials in Central Maine have yet to tally the votes, but the consensus is that voter turnout has been heavy there.On Tuesday our Central Maine crew trekked across the area to four communities: Fairfield, Skowhegan, Waterville, and Unity.Both Fairfield and Skowhegan had lines forming before the doors opened in the morning, while traffic in Waterville and Unity was steady much of the day.Unity College students made their mark by marching to the polls. “If they cut back taxes for cars probably I’ll have higher college payments to support those taxes,” Said Marsha Barnes, a Freshman attending Unity College. “For the next four years this is going to affect me and if I decide to live in Maine after college it’s going to affect me even more so I feel I should have the right to vote and I’m going to.”Every year, college faculty and staff encourage students to make the walk from campus to the polls to cast their ballots.This year, staff says turnout was actually a bit lower than expected.