All Saints Catholic School Gives Food Donation to Indian Island Food Pantry 

Last month, we told you about a food pantry on Indian Island that was in need.A local school has come together to collect food donations to help fill the shelves at the pantry.Meghan Hayward has the story.”We have a special mass today. Our first joint mass of the year, which means all of our kindergarten through eighth graders are coming together and we do that in celebration of All Saints Day.”Students from the All Saints Catholic School in Bangor came to mass with their arms full of food items.”Well, for each of our joint masses during the year, we always try to do a service project to try and help those in the community that need it.”After hearing about the Indian Island food pantry on TV5, they decided to collect canned goods and non-perishable items to donate.”The food this year is going to go to Indian Island. Sister Sue and Sister Judy did an interview recently where they indicated that their cupboards were empty and so some of our students who knew them from their work in our school a couple years ago saw them on TV and thought it would be the perfect place this year to benefit from our donations.”Principal Marcia Diamond says it’s important for students to see what it’s like to give back.”I think it’s critical to our Christian message which is to serve others. So anything they can do and we can teach them to do is real important.”Sixth-grader Caitlin Hillery was happy to help.”I think it’s really important because the people who don’t have food might be sick or hungry and they might die if they don’t have enough. We should give food to them so they don’t die because we already have enough.”Sister Judy Oliver from the pantry was happy to hear the good news.”Our first response was extreme joy and great happiness. And we told the teacher that we were very appreciative that they thought of us and very anxious to receive the food.”Sister Judy says the donations are a big help.”Well it certainly means we’ll be able to replace the empty shelves. Put some food on the shelves and if there’s any of it we might be able to save for our Thanksgiving baskets we’ll put it aside.”