Witmer Verdict 

An Eddington man charged with trying to murder his now ex-wife and her boyfriend, is out of jail.A jury found Ryan Witmer not guilty of the most serious charges he faced.The verdict came in late Monday afternoon.The Eddington man was charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and burglary. He was found not guilty on all those counts, but the jury did return a guilty verdict on lesser charges.The prosecution accused Witmer of forcing his way into the home of his then estranged wife while she was watching a movie with another man in June of 2008.Prosecutors say the man was stabbed eleven times and Witmer’s ex-wife was cut on her arms, Witmer turned the knife on himself.Witmer’s lawyers told a very different story of self-defense. They say that Witmer’s testimony was the main reason behind the verdict.”Testimony was the only recollection of the event that was consistent with the physical evidence. Consistent with the physical evidence, with the 911 call consistent with the photos.” So said defense attorney Darrick Banda on Monday.Witmer is free on $20,000 bail as of Tuesday morning.His sentencing has not been scheduled yet.