Winterport School Holds Their Own Election 

They are too young to vote on today’s referendum questions, so students at a school in Winterport held their own election.As Meghan Hayward tells us, their choices may have been different, but the voting process was identical.”If there is anyone that has not participated in our voting process in the cafeteria, will you please go to the cafeteria at this time to vote.”Students and teachers at the Leroy Smith School in Winterport got to take part in their own election. The choice on the ballot, cinnamon roll or cookie?”We thought this would be a great idea for the kids to see what the election is all about. I’m sure their parents are talking about elections and this way they get to have their own election.”The school made the voting process as similar to the real deal as they could.”They had a ballot and we checked off their names before they came through the door and they put it in an election box and they had the booths.”For students who weren’t in school, they offered an absentee ballot.”Any kid that was not able to participate today, we left the teacher with a ballot and pencil, and when they get into school, hopefully tomorrow, they’ll be able to cast their vote. So no one missed out.”Fourth-grader Micah Hawes was happy she got to vote.”Because I’ve went with my mom into it and it was really exciting.”Which one does Micah think will come out on top?”I don’t really know which one is going to win because I like them both and it was a pretty close tie.”She’ll have to wait a few days to find out if the cinnamon roll or the cookie wins.”It’s going to be a secret until Friday. And then we’re going to serve it Friday and that’s when they’ll find out who won.”