Heavy Voter Turnout in Bangor 

In Bangor, election officials say they were expecting a larger than usual turnout for an off-year election– but the number of people who showed up throughout the day exceeded even what they predicted.Folks started lining up outside the Civic Center before seven o’clock this morning to cast their votes.It was fairly steady without much of a wait for most of the day. But during peak evening hours, the building was packed, with a line out the door.”I was pretty stunned to see this kind of crowd. Of course, remember, polling places have consolidated here in Bangor and in other places, but even spread out over four or five polling places this is pretty good. This is a pretty amazing turnout,” says Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap. He stopped in Bangor while visiting polls around the state. Some voters were upset to find the wait. Bangor officials say they are learning and working to make things run more smoothly for the next election.Dunlap says today’s turnout could reflect record numbers for an off-year election in Maine, a testament to how strongly voters feel about the issues packing the ballot this year.