Bangor Walking Trails Debate: Should Pets be Allowed? 

Lots of folks enjoy walking and biking on trails throughout the city of Bangor, but how pet owners should be using those public spaces is sometimes a topic of debate.Now officials are looking to hear from the public how they use city trails, and if any changes are needed to policies, including those that allow pets.About 500 people responded to an online survey on the issue.Others with comments attended an informal public meeting Monday night.Department of Parks and Recreation director Tracy Wilette says a variety of issues were highlighted in the survey. “Some certainly have some issues with uncomfortableness around dogs. Some do not. Certainly dog pick-up is another issue that folks made us aware of. So I think it was a good opportunity for all our users of all our trails to give us some feed back which helps us, if we need to develop better policies, to make sure everybody’s getting a great experience on all of our city trails.”The results of the survey along with the comments made at the meeting will be looked over by officials to determine what changes, if any, will be made.Wilette says any changes are several months away.