Both Sides Of Tabor Issue Make Final Push 

On the last full day of campaigning, both sides of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights debate are making their final appeals to voters. The Yes on 4 campaign held four rallies across the state, while folks from No on 4 were busy in their call center getting their message out to voters.At their rally in Bangor, the Yes on 4 campaign featured gubernatorial candidate Bruce Poliquin. He says he’s suspending his campaign to focus on what’s known as Tabor. “Well it’s not a solution to everything,” says Poloquin, “but it’s a first step towards making sure we get our fiscal house in order. It’s a terrific fiscal tool that the next government must have because for 30 years, Augusta has proven to us that they’re unable to control spending.” Across town, the No on 4 campaign was busy working the phones. They say government spending is not out of control. “Well what I’ve seen the last few years is a bunch of cutting,” says No on 4 Field Organizer jim Martin, “I don’t see any increase in spending at all. I mean for the past 8 years, the budget has continued to shrink.”Opponents of Tabor say it would strip away local control. “Maine communities have a long standing tradition of coming together and making decisions in their communities about how they want to budget their money and tabor sort of imposes itself over that and says,” says Martin, “well we don’t care what that decision is we’re gonna force you to pay for an election in your community.” Poloquin has a different take on what local control means. “Well control to me means letting the taxpayers of Maine have a say in how their taxes are spent,” he says, “Tabor does not cut spending in any way, shape, or form, it lets taxes and spending grow at a reasonable pace.” Mainers will decide the issue at the polls Tuesday.