Orland Fish Hatchery Open House 

Folks got a chance to see the work that is done at the Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery in Orland Sunday.They called it their Spawning Spectacular. This is the time of year that Atlantic Salmon lay their eggs. They’re collected by the folks at the hatchery, put into incubation, then released as frye in the spring.More than a hundred people stopped by to take the tour , including a lot of kids who had a lot of questions.Assistant Hatchery Manager, Chris Domina says, “It’s good to have the children involved because if this is a resource they feel is important as they grow up, they’ll know what we’re trying to do to protect them. And hopefully they’ll take an interest in that as well.”The effort is part of the Atlantic Salmon Population Recovery programs of the U-S Fish and Wildlife Service.There were also a number of folks representing agencies and organizations working on the conservation and restoration of our watersheds.