Mother of Perley Goodrich Junior Speaks Out 

The four day police search for a Newport man wanted for murder finally came to an end early yesterday morning.Forty-five-year-old Perley Goodrich Junior appeared in court yesterday, accused of killing his father and attacking his mother.Meghan Hayward spoke to Goodrich’s mother, Sandra.” It isn’t real yet. I’m just taking one day at a time and my friends are helping me. And I try to shut some of it out.”Sandra Goodrich is talking about the events that transpired at her Newport home.While Goodrich says her son, 45-year-old Perley Goodrich Junior has been verbally violent in the past, he has never been physically abusive.She says she would have never thought something to this degree would happen.” I had taken him to the hospital and I called the hospital after I had dropped him off and told them he needed help and he could hurt somebody.”Goodrich says her son has dealt with mental health problems since he was a child.” He’d been diagnosed with bi-polar and he was going to counseling. But he resented any interference of mine as far as being with his doctors.”Perley Goodrich Junior is accused of killing his father and attacking his mother.According to court documents, he struck his mother with his fists, hit her with a handgun and tried to bind her with duct tape before he shot his father.He has been charged with murder in the shooting of his father and elevated aggravated assault against his mother.Sandra was not in court for her son’s arraignment.” I would not be able to stand there. I would just collapse.”But Sandra says she wants everyone to know how appreciative she is of the support she’s received.” It makes me very grateful. I am thankful for the police and the National Guard. For everyone that was involved in this search and I’m very thankful that no one else was hurt.”A friend of Sandra’s for twenty years, Maggie Kennedy, is helping Sandra get through this.” It’s very important to help her get her life back together.”And Sandra says while it will be a slow process, she will get her life back.” They are going to help me get counseling and I need it. Get on with my life one day at a time.”