Blood Donors Roll Up Sleeves in Bangor 

The American Red Cross says the blood inventory in our region is in need of a boost.The folks at the donor center in Bangor are enticing people to roll up their sleeves and donate. The center opened their doors to donors Saturday morning for a blueberry pancake breakfast, prizes and giveaways.Trudy Darling with the American Red Cross says dozens of people turned out, and they hope more come in over the next couple of weeks.She says the blood supply in Maine is currently short by about 400 units.”And it’s over 800 units for northern New England. Which means that we really have to watch that inventory very closely. We don’t want to have to cut hospital orders, we certainly don’t want that to happen. So we’re really just appealing to everyone to come out and donate, if you’re eligible,” Darling says.They’re also running a special promotion for the first two weeks of November. Folks who come into the Bangor Blood Donor Center will will be entered to win Patriots-Jets tickets.Donor hours start again on Tuesday. If you’re not near the Bangor area, you can find blood drives closer to your home by visiting the web site