MSAD #63 Reports Cases Of H1N1 Virus 

Schools in MSAD 63, that’s Eddington, Holbrook, and Holden are the latest to report an outbreak of the H1N1 flu virus. The absentee rate at Holbrook Middle School reached an alarming rate earlier this week. Carol Warmuth is the Registered Nurse who works for MSAD 63. “It was reported to the CDC that the absentee rate was 20%,” says Warmuth, “and they’ve been following up and there are a lot kids out, especially at the middle school, with influenza like symptoms meaning high fever, cough.” She says not all of the absenses were a result of the H1N1 virus but a number of the students that were absent reported flu like symptoms. School health officials say there were a few confirmed cases of H1N1, however they say there is no need to continue to confirm H1N1 once they know it’s in a particular community. “I think it’s because influenza, H1N1, the regular seasonal flu, and any other influenza like illness it’s all treated the same,” she says, “you treat the symptoms, you treat with fluids and Tylenol, and Ibuprofen, and rest.” Warmuth says they’ve been stressing prevention in their schools. “What we’ve been doing all along,” she says, “and certainly stepped up this year is teaching kids how to cough into their sleeves or their elbows, and how to wash their hands and to wash their hands frequently and stay home if they’re ill.”The preventative measures have been well received by students and with all the delays in getting the vaccine those measures have been many folks only defense against H1N1. “I’m disappointed because I was hoping that would not happen, unfortunately H1N1 has spread very quickly and unfortunately it was before the vaccine was available.” Bangor area school children will have another chance to get both the seasonal flu and H1N1 vaccine November 4th at the Bangor Civic Center.